Redundancy Support

Here is some practical advice should you ever be made redundant in your job.


  • Your first priority is to remain positive. Upon hearing the news it is only normal to feel nervous or worried about the future. Keep active and endeavor not to dwell on the past but focus more on the next step / role.
  • The next step is to immediately update your CV with your latest skills and experience and circulate this to agencies that cover the experience that you have.
  • A couple of good ways to find agencies that work in your technical areas are to scan the Job papers or Job websites and see which agencies are advertising for your skills on there. You may well of course come across some companies who are advertising direct in your search.
  • Consider who the business competition might have been in your old role and potentially contact those companies, letting them know that you have valuable skills to offer and that you are in the market.
  • Once you have written up your CV, ask a family friend to go over your CV or even better, a recruitment consultant. They will be able to view the document in a detached way and perhaps offer advice as to re-wording of certain sections. Always be upbeat in what you are saying on your CV and do not focus on the negative things that may have happened in the past.
  • Be proactive and set weekly goals of how many positions that you will apply for. Make sure that you stretch yourself with these goals in order to encourage you with getting on with that new job. It’s easy to slip into apathy, so fight this and remain active and upbeat.
  • Do your homework; really research the companies that you are applying with. Companies like people who are knowledgeable about what they do and will be impressed that you have taken the time to find out more about them. This always shows at interviews.
  • Be persistent, follow up each application that you make, be polite but determined, know your reasons why you want to join that company. When there are a lot of job seekers in the market you will stand out as you know all about the company and you have a real desire to join them.
  • Remember to smile at all times (Ok, within reason) it shows that you are a confident, capable fun person and optimistic. This counts more sometimes than having the exact skills experience that the company might be looking for. Work on your “Can do” attitude and smile.

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