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Your CV is a powerful sales tool therefore, it’s really important that it’s easy to understand and it shows off your plus points. Your CV is a record of your qualifications and skills, so make sure it’s up to date whenever you apply for a new job.

Spelling mistakes, poor grammar and missing information on a CV looks really bad. If it's incomplete or doesn't make any sense, employers may simply discard it before fully reading it.

When you are writing your resume you might take the following points into account.

  • Present your resume with your name & contact details at the top.
  • Keep your resume to a reasonable length, but don't get tied up with the two pages only concept.
  • If you have 10 years of experience or more, then just 2 pages will not do you justice. However when you start to move over the five page mark you might like to be more concise in your description of the roles that you had when you first started work. You should also be realistic in expecting concentration and interest levels to fall when readers pass the fourth page.
  • A happy balance is what is required and this will be different from person to person.
  • Begin with your most recent role and then work back chronologically
  • Put as much detail into each role as possible detailing skills used and how you applied them in that particular role.
  • Always, always check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in your resume. You only have one chance here to make a good first impression and any errors here might reflect unfairly upon yourself.
  • Do include your hobbies on your resume, clients like to see what you get up to at the weekend, this small section gives them some valuable insight to you as a person and makes you a three dimensional person with outside interests.
  • Include a list of all the skills that you are familiar with along with any appropriate versions. Then ensure that you include these skills in the descriptions of the projects that you did for each individual company.
  • If you have recently changed your mobile or contact numbers, remember to update your resume as well.
  • Consider adding in your nationality or passport status or any work permits (as applicable)
  • Use fonts that are clearly readable (Arial) and avoid any spacings or formatting which might distort upon another's machine if you are sending an electronic copy. In short, 'Keep it simple'.

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