Candidate testimonials

“ Thanks for the support you have given to me in consistently helping me find the roles I look for. ”

Embedded Engineer

“ Consultant was very helpful with contract matter, took their time to help me find the relevant insurance that the client requested ”

C++ Engineer

“ It’s comforting that you have one person looking after you from the initial phone call to the start of the project and throughout the assignment. My contract has been extended several times and it’s nice to deal with the same person every time ”

Microsoft Engineer

“ Thank you for your time and effort sorting out the expense query with the client. Everything was paid in full ”

Embedded Engineer

“ Thank you for liaising with the client regarding reimbursement of my travel costs related to the interview ”

Embedded Engineer

“ I welcome the improved pay procedure. So much clearer and twice monthly payments are always a bonus! ”

C# Engineer

“ The Engineer Area on the website made timesheet submission easier and hassle free. ”

Embedded Engineer

“ I am very pleased with aftercare provided – made me feel valuable and appreciated ”

Java Engineer

“ Thank you for your help when choosing the umbrella company ”

Oracle Engineer

“ Thanks for the proficiency in finding a solution for a possible temporary contract. I had some talk and email exchange with some umbrella companies and I think it is progressing well on this side. ”

Embedded Engineer

“ I just want to say thank you to Kevin for his assistance. The projects are running well and yes, in fact it was a real challenge to rise to, thank you again ”

Oracle Engineer

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